We had some rave reviews for our first event!

I just wanted to tell you much of an awesome event it was! Thank you for all the hard work that I could only imagine what it took to put it all together.

It came out great you put great talent together and the fans there were awesome. It was just great. Thank you again..


I want to thank you again for putting on the wrestling event yesterday to bring together communities.

Even though I only caught the last hour, it was truly and awesome experience.

As someone who has had no interaction with the wrestling or fetish wrestling community, I think it bridges a very necessary gap between the two.

I really hope you are able to gather the resources, motivation, and time to build your dream event within this niche.


It was a great honor, and privilege to be a part of the 1st Jen-Con event that took place on Saturday. I saw and experienced things I have never seen in all my life there.

I was brought in to help organize and run the show, but Jennifer Thomas did such a good job planning this show that it practically ran itself and I spent most of the time just hanging out with Katarina Leigh Waters (fml) 😉

A real first for me was when the lady in the front unit got upset and parked her car so it blocked the entrance and then took off so no one could enter or exit. Myself, Scott Mendleson, and 2 others literally picked up the car and moved it over! I kid you not, and it was a mid-sized car at that.
Thank you Quest Nutrition for feeding me for the next few months, and to all the women that were there who are so dedicated and work so hard for what they do, thank you for the motivation and for being so easy to work with.

Most of all, thank you Jennifer Thomas for creating this.

I can’t wait for Jen-Con2!

Shannon Ballard

Everything went so well at the show…well done!   Amazing how you got just the the right size of crowd for the venue.  And the wrestlers all put on such a good performance.  My congratulations to everyone involved.


I want to thank you for a well organised event. I enjoyed.

Hey Jen! Thank YOU so much for putting on such a great event. You definitely were making sure things were rolling and I saw how much you had to do. But it was great seeing you and a bunch of people I haven’t seen in a while. I had an amazing time!! 😘💪


Wanna thank the lovely Jennifer Thomas for making this all possible! Was an honor to call this first-ever historic presentation of Session Girls live action!

Sadly, “The OG Scum Dog of the universe” himself didn’t agree with some of the fun we were having. But thankfully Ms. Shelly Martinez @ShellyFromCali was there to save the day! Not to mention an eerie disturbance from Odyssey Film Productions’ own Mary Medusa / @MaryIsMedusa plus all the beautiful SessionGirls. Sorry Techno, you just didn’t stand a chance, thanks for coming buddy!!

Check out this SessionGirls live from Van Nuys coverage featuring 5-time World’s Strongest Man, the legendary Scott Mendelson and a few other awesome guests.

Thanks again to all who attended. 💙🙏

Can’t wait for the next SessionGirls live event! ! ! 😎🔥🍸

Dan Rosales

Hey I saw a lot of the event on Saturday and it looked amazing!! I’m really proud of you and I hope your really proud of yourself!! The event was great and you pulled off this great event with a lot of awesome wrestlers!! You’re a trailblazer and a trendsetter!!


Although I am not a wrestling fan per se, it was hard not to get caught up in the enthusiasm and positive energy of the event. 

Thank you for a great event yesterday i had a great time and meet some great people some i would have never meet if not fot the event.

Short answer it was awesome. It fascinated me and I’m part of the talent! It’s so crazy because that world exists, it has for a long time but a lot of people don’t know about it. Next time I’d just have food there. Even if it was just selling pizza slices. I think what you have could be such a success. It makes men feel no shame in liking the things they saw there. All the girls were awesome too and that added to the vibe there. They all performed amazingly and interacted w the fellas who attended. I think everyone there had a amazing time and if they didn’t they probably are the type that are always upset anyway.


Thank you Jen for hosting us all. 
You did a phenomenal job..
I kept looking around and EVERYONE was laughing, networking and having a great time!!! 

Thank you..

When I was there I couldn’t stop thinking about more of these fantastic events bc it’s truly a win win win for all involved! 
Bringing the girls together to benefit and build their business, shooting with producers, networking etc get it of course!!!! 

The event got me excited and wanted to see if I could make it happen at Kristie’s place in the fall. I asked Skylar if she’s down and she is and we are planning/coordinating event together with the same intentions you generate business for the girls in many various ways. So look out for Fem Dom Fantasia in October ! 💪❤️

Sydney Thunder